Area Of Operations

Williston Basin Core Area

Cornerstone is actively developing oil & gas reserves on it's leasehold position in Burke County, North Dakota. Located within the Williston Basin (outlined in yellow), Cornerstone's current activity targets the unconventional Bakken & Three Forks, and shallower Midale reservoirs.


The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has estimated the mean undiscovered recoverable oil potential in the Bakken Formation of North Dakota and Montana at 3.65 billion barrels of oil. Operators in the Williston Basin have recently estimated recoverable reserves to be in excess of 20.0 billion barrels of oil, and the USGS has recently commissioned a new study to re-estimate the resource of both the Bakken and Three Forks reservoirs.

















                                Significant Williston Basin Leasehold Position 

Cornerstone currently holds interests in approximately 50,000 net acres of the leasehold. A majority of the position is located within Burke County, North Dakota. Cornerstone has operational control in over 50 Bakken Pool drilling units and an additional 75 drilling units targeting the Midale. Cornerstone’s HBP leasehold is held by both the shallower Midale producing wells, as well as the Bakken pool production.