Land or Royalty Question? We are here to help!

To get started, please review the frequently asked questions below, which answers many of the common questions people have.


If you need further assistance, contact Sarah Garrett at or call (720) 213-3812.


  • Where can I get my 1099?
    • 1099s were mailed around January 25, 2024 via USPS. 
    • You can also download a digital copy of your 1099 on the EnergyLink website:
    • Royalty/JIB owners who use direct deposit may already have an EnergyLink account, but it's not required to be enrolled in direct deposit to create an account and download your 1099.
  • Where do I find my Owner Number?
    • Your owner # is a 5-digit number found in the top left-hand corner of your royalty check and check supplement. 
An example check supplement with owner number highlighted.
Owner Number.jpg
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  • How do I update my address?
  • Download and print our Change of Address Form. Follow the form's instructions.
Address Change Form.pdf
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  • My name has changed; how do I update it?
    • Please provide us with a copy of the legal documentation supporting the changes, such as a recorded marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order.
  • Is my social security number or tax ID required?
    • Federal law requires you to furnish your Social Security or Taxpayer Identification Number. Failure to comply will result in tax withholding, which will not be refundable by payor.


  • How can I sign up for direct deposit?
  • Cornerstone is now offering direct deposit, also called Automated Clearing House (ACH), for revenue/royalty checks. By signing up for this service you will typically receive your monthly revenue within 1-2 business days after Cornerstone has distributed revenues, eliminating lost or delayed checks and the need to go to the bank to deposit your royalty checks.
  • Download and complete the Direct Deposit Enrollment Form. Include a voided check (no photocopies) or bank account verification letter and mail the form to Cornerstone Natural Resources. 
    • A bank verification letter should:
      • Be signed on bank letterhead by a bank official (with bank official name, title, date signed, and non-typed signature).
      • Include the exact and full bank account title/registration, listing all bank account owners.
      • Include the full ABA routing number and bank account number.
  • Questions? Contact Sarah Garrett at or call (720) 213-3812.
Cornerstone Direct Deposit Form.pdf
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  • How can I view my payment detail?
    • When you sign up for Direct Deposit, your check stub detail will no longer be mailed to you. You will need to access the EnergyLink website to review your check stub detail and/or have your check stub detail automatically emailed to you each month.
    • Once you have enrolled in Direct Deposit and received your first payment via ACH, you can register as a new user on the EnergyLink webpage.
  • When and how often should I expect to receive payments?
    • Payments are mailed or deposited electronically into your account on or around the 15th of each month.
    • Due to potential postal delays, please allow 10 business days after the 15th of the month to receive your royalty checks in the mail. If you still did not receive a royalty check after that grace period, please contact Sarah Garrett at, or via telephone at (720) 213-3812.
  • Why didn’t I receive my royalty check?
    • Your account may not have reached the $50 minimum necessary to trigger a payment. Amounts less than $50 will be paid biannually in June and December.
    • There may have been operational issues with the well(s) which affected the volumes produced. Winter in North Dakota often creates conditions through which it’s difficult to keep wells fully operational. Keep in mind that Cornerstone issues payment approximately 2 months after the production period, so you may experience lower royalties in the winter and early spring months.


  • How do I make an ownership change?
    • Provide a copy of the deed or conveyance document which has been recorded in the County where the well is located. Please include the new owner’s mailing address and contact information.
    • For trusts, send us a copy of the trust agreement along with a copy of the recorded document transferring the interest into the trust.
  • How do I transfer interest from a deceased owner?
    • North Dakota considers mineral rights to be real property, which is only transferable via deed. A will is generally not sufficient to transfer mineral rights in North Dakota.
    • If the decedent died testate (with a will) and the will is being probated, submit the following for our review:
      • A copy of the death certificate
      • Will
      • Order admitting the will to probate (or its equivalent depending on the state in which the proceedings were conducted).
      • Include Letters Testamentary and Final Decree of Distribution, or Letters Testamentary and recorded conveyance from the Personal Representative (recorded in the County in which the property resides).
    • If the decedent died intestate (without a will), but the estate is probated, submit the following for our review:
      • A copy of the death certificate
      • Letters of Administration
      • Final Decree or recorded conveyance from the administrator
    • If the decedent died intestate (without a will), and the estate was not probated, or the will was not probated in North Dakota, we may be able to accept an Affidavit of Heirship.
      • An Affidavit of Heirship should be completed by a person other than a relative or heir to the decedent’s estate, and the affiant’s signature must be notarized.
      • Please contact us to find out if this may be an option for your situation.